Those reviews are all over the net, but these are the only two saws I own, so lets compare them! The Festool Kapex is considered the ultimate miter saw, reviewers and Festool fans have been saying it for years. I used it almost every day until this last summer when I sold it on Craigslist. The Kapex used in this review belongs to my shop mate and is only about two years old. The Milwaukee is brand new to the market, it has only been out since the middle of October. A few early reviewers said it was too flexible and tended to cut off angle, we have had no issues with flex, or cut quality. First let me explain my experience with the Festool.

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With an innovative articulating arm straight out of a transformers movie, the neato factor of this unit alone has stirred more interest in carpentry circles than Obama-Care has in rest homes. If you want technical jargon, read Popular Mechanics. We did some heavy cutting building a redwood pergola; we performed some fine finish work on a fireplace mantel; and we chewed up more than a couple board-feet of Sapele for an entry door unit.

Bosch CM10GD Inch Dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw The Bosch CM10GD inch Dual-Bevel Glide miter saw provides power and versatility. Thanks to the compact design and the innovative Axial-Glide System, this unit provides smooth cutting control in up to 10 inches less workspace than other miter saws, so users are able to work productively in hallways and other tight quarters.

Types of Miter Saws Basic miter saws Basic miter saws are lightweight and relatively inexpensive. This saw is used only for simple projects. Projects include cutting trim and cross cuts. Basic miter saws provide no bevel options. Basic miter saws tend to be highly accurate compared to advanced miter saws. The simplicity of this type of saw makes it practical for beginners and casual wood workers.

Basic miter saws are practical for: Compound miter saws Compound miter saws can make straight, miter and bevel cuts. Compound models come in two options. The single mode option is lightweight and generally less expensive.

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You may find that you plan on using one outside when the weather is nice or on a job site when doing work for others. Moving one of the heavier ones is almost impossible, but Delta designed this model with portability in mind. This model is so lightweight that you can actually take it anywhere you go.

CUTS THROUGH: Wood, Nails, Screws, Durock, Plaster, Shingles and More The AX™ with Carbide Teeth, engineered to deliver long life in the toughest applications while being the fastest carbide-tipped recip saw blades on the market.

Power miter saw[ edit ] A motorized miter saw A power miter saw, also known as a drop saw, is a power tool used to make a quick, accurate crosscut in a workpiece at a selected angle. Commonly used for cutting of molding and trim. The miter saw showcased several innovations still found today: Rockwell did not patent the design, leading to a large number of manufacturers and innovation improvements. The workpiece is typically held against a fence, which provides a precise cutting angle between the plane of the blade and the plane of the longest workpiece edge.

A primary distinguishing feature of the miter saw is the miter index that allows the angle of the blade to be changed relative to the fence. Types[ edit ] There are several types of miter saws: Compound-miter saw – Compound miter saws have the added benefit of being able to rotate the blade and head at a variety of angles, allowing for the cutting of angles other than 90 degrees.

It creates a ramp angled cut into the side of the wood, allowing for more complex cuts. This type is commonly used in trim work for homes.

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Build a Torsion Box The base of the miter saw station is a very simple torsion box. Torsion boxes are ways to make stiff platforms by skinning thin materials over a network of stronger ones. Cut the plywood sheet into a 32″ x 8′ panel and build a support structure of 2″x4″s beneath it.

I was excited to work with the new Bosch Axial Glide “folding” miter saw (AGS), especially since I’m still enjoying a prosperous relationship with its older brother—the

My assessment is based on the combination of power, quality build, cut capacity, and an effective mobile solution. The higher blade speed seems to have improved ripping quality slightly. The rack and pinion fence rails are the key to this saws accuracy and overall performance. The fence is easy to adjust and stays parallel to the blade.

The unique fence design rides on rails at both the front and back of the saw, eliminating the possibility of fence drift. This saw also comes with a miter gauge for cross-cutting. The safety cover has to be lifted up prior to turning on the saw. To shut off the saw it has a bump pad making it easy to shut off.

Flip Over Fence — This is a very cool feature as it provides two useful benefits. When ripping narrow pieces, the flip over fence allows the user to make the cut without interfering with the blade guard. Without this feature the guard would have to be removed.

Bosch GTS 10 J 254mm Table Saw

QR Code A motorized miter saw A miter saw mitre in British English is a saw used to make accurate crosscuts and miters in a workpiece by pulling a large backsaw or a mounted circular saw blade down onto a board in a quick motion. Both miter saws and abrasive cut off saws are commonly referred to as a chop saw. Power miter saw A power miter saw, also known as a chop saw or drop saw , is a power tool used to make a quick, accurate crosscut in a workpiece at a selected angle.

Commonly used for cutting of molding and trim.

Need to fix your DW Type 1 /2 Miter Saw? We have parts, diagrams, accessories and repair advice to make your tool repairs easy.

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Table saw or circular saw Jigsaw Step 1: Draw Arc I wanted the dust hood to curve around my miter saw to better capture dust. However, I wanted it to look symmetrical and fit the width of my boards.

Enter your engine’s type number in this search field to show the parts that match your engine. Your engine’s type number is the second part of the model number stamped on your Briggs & .

I spoke to a Ridged tech who indicated that saws with SN or later have had their arbors replaced to fix the wobble issue. I went to 2 different Home Depots and found one with a SN. I set it up today and can say with confidence that there is absolutely no wobble. The saw is fantastic and cuts smoothly with a smooth startup as well. The blade was set up at the factory dead on without need for adjustment. My only complaint is that the tall fences, when tightened, don’t line up with the lower fence.

They seem to be 90 degrees, but not flush with the lower fence; probably a 16th of an inch. I read all the reviews and decided to roll the dice on this saw when it went on sale due to the price, and the versatility this saw offers. Granted, it’s HUGE, and takes up a pretty big footprint in my garage, but again, it was on sale and I figured what the heck. And I oiled both the inner and outer washers on the arbor like the instructions stated.

After putting it together per the instructions and before turning it on for the first time, I used a framing square to check for the wobble and there was none. It was completely true to square. I then ran it for a few seconds didn’t cut anything and experienced a very noticeable vibration almost a shaking in the entire unit when I moved the slider back and forth.

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Power miter saw[ edit ] A motorized miter saw A power miter saw, also known as a chop saw or drop saw, is a power tool used to make a quick, accurate crosscut in a workpiece at a selected angle. Commonly used for cutting of molding and trim. The power miter saw was invented by Ed Niehaus, a tool designer for Rockwell, in The miter saw showcased several innovations still found today:

This unit attaches firmly to the saw, replacing the right angle used for the bag attachment. I consider the dust collection for this sliding compound miter saw along with the saw’s accuracy a major plus.

Additional flooring tools for rent in Erie include: It includes adjustable four position handle for easy use. Our carpet scrubber has a commercial grade vacuum, brush, and pump. High impact polyethylene, cast aluminum, and stainless steel construction. Large four gallon bucket and solution tank along with large wheels for superior maneuverability. Adjusts from 37″ to 23 ft.

Just set the dial to the desired pin depth and you’re ready to stretch. This sander can be used on either indoor or outdoor floors, but if being used outdoors make sure all screws or nails are driven below the surface of the wood. We also carry sandpaper for this sander which is sold separately. This item requires the end-user to come in for full training on this unit and a standard v power supply. This sander can also be used on either indoor or outdoor floors, but if being used outdoors make sure all screws or nails are driven below the surface of the wood.

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Thoughts of professional uses and workshop chores were the first thing on our mind. After using the saw for a few large projects, I am very impressed with the power and run time. The precision and accuracy are also two items that make this saw stand out in a small 32 pound package. This is not a cheap saw, but in comparison to other professional use cordless tools, it is not very expensive either. This saw might have taken some time to come to market and it was worth the wait as Dewalt got it right.

The saw spins at 3, rpm at no load and it slows slightly when under load.

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Optional – Multi meter Step 2: Also make sure that the angles on each end are such that the “long” side on the angle are on the same side of the wood piece. Also make sure the angles on each end are such that the “long” side on the angle are on the same side of the wood piece. For further details, please refer the to cutting diagrams. Building the Lid Side Assembly To build the lid for the case, first start by assembling the sides of the lid. To assemble the lid sides, the easiest approach is to build it as two separate “half” pieces.

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Circle Saw A Woodworking Supply Company In Houston Texas Offers Circular Saw Blades, Router Bits, Shaper Cutters, Woodworking Tools And More.

In my opinion most tool manufacturers treat dust collection as an afterthought, and do not design the tools to provide adequate removal of dust and debris. To put it simply, the ports are generally too small and poorly positioned, thereby leaving most of the microscopic dust particles hanging in the air where our lungs become the dust collection system.

Therefore, if we want to take full advantage of our powerful dust collection system and optimized ductwork, we need to give some extra effort in the final connection to our tools. This means modifying or replacing the dust ports on some tools, and creating a dust capture mechanism from scratch in other cases. Be judicious here and your efforts will be rewarded with clean air. If you take the easy route and just accept what the tool manufacturer provides for dust collection, you may have regrets.

You can use these ideas as a starting point, and come up with some great ideas of your own to maximize the dust captured at each tool. I have seen several different approaches, but I like this one because it is simple, cheap, sturdy and works well with PVC couplers that I use as quick disconnects at the end of flexible tubing. So, you will have to make your own ports, and in some cases, cut holes in your tools to accommodate the port.

That port allows massive air movement, and allows my dust collector to pull everything that is not securely attached to the tool. Set the PVC in the hole and caulk it on the outside. Tool hookup examples from my shop. In this section I will share some examples of dust extraction at a few tools in my shop to give you some ideas.

Small shop vac to table saw exhaust port